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12/10, Sat, 9.3M, NYRR Ted Corbitt 15K
11/20, Sun, 4M, Race to Deliver 4 Mile
11/06, Sun, 26.2M, TCS New York City Marathon
10/30, Sun, 5M, Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5M
10/09, Sun, 13.1M, Staten Island Half Marathon
10/02, Sun, 13.1M, Gretes Great Gallop Half Marathon
09/25, Sun, 10M, Bronx 10 Mile
09/25, Sun, 3.1M, Bronx 5K
09/18, Sun, 18M, NYRR Marathon Tune-Up
08/25,Thurs, 26.2M, Self-Transcendence Marathon
08/21, Sun, 4.97M, France Run 8K
07/16, Sat, 4M, Run to Breathe 4 Mile
06/26, Sun, 4M, Hope and Possibility 4 Mile
06/25, Sat, 5M, FRNY LGBT Pride Run 5 Mile
06/18, Sat, 6.2M, Queens 10K
06/11, Sat, 6.2M, New York Mini 10K
05/15, Sun, 10M/5M, 105th Annual Coney Island Racewalks
05/14, Sat, 6.2M, UAE Healthy Kidney 10K
04/02, Sat, 6.2M, Scotland Run 10K
03/01, Sun, 3.1M, Salsa Blues & Shamrock 5K